Prerequisites for joining: Member in good standing of Bektash Shriners.

Unit information: The unit is over 25 years old and has two Calliopes mounted on trailers which are then towed by its members in parades throughout New England (mostly in New Hampshire and Massachusetts) We also do stationary events such as Grand Openings, Fairs, etc. There is no walking since all members ride on the trailer during events. We need you to help play (if you play the piano or organ), set up, pull the trailer and participate with a wonderful group of people.

Membership: The unit consists of 4 members from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Meeting schedule: You are expected to attend the annual meeting in January, Spring Ceremonial, Football Game parade, the Fall Ceremonial and others as required.

Dues: None

Other Costs: There is no cost to join the unit but you are expected to purchase a shirt and Fez with the Shrine emblem and "Calliope" embroidered on them. The cost is approximately $150.00. These materials will be ordered for you upon membership

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